The Benefits Of VDI For The AEC Sector

More architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) practices are running virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology than ever before. It wasn’t always so. VDI solutions used to require extensive and costly IT infrastructure, however that is a thing of the past. This blog dives into the impact of VDI right across the sector including use cases and best practices.

Benefits of VDI in AEC


VDI unchains people from desks. That’s a must-have for any AEC practice. However, it can’t be done using low-res remote access apps. They aren’t designed to cope with graphics-heavy programmes. So, applications crawl along or hang, leaving remote users angry and frustrated. VDI eliminates these issues and packs the power to support a highly successful, effective, and truly mobile workforce.

Stronger Business Continuity

Imagine if the office got hit by a major incident like flood, fire, or an act of terror. Your data maybe safe in the data centre, but if you don’t have the compute power to drive the models then working from home, or back-up premises would quickly grind to a halt.

If the worst were to happen, VDI-enabled companies can be back in business in the shortest possible time because staff can drive their thin clients remotely from other devices, such as tablets or home PCs.

More Security

Moving data and apps from hard drives on PCs into the data centre greatly improves security and reduces the risk of data loss. It also simplifies everyday tasks, like maintaining version control for ever-changing plans and designs. In addition, software and security updates are pushed out faster and in a more controlled fashion. IT teams spend less time dealing with desktop-related issues.

Cost Control

Mostly from IT, instant cost savings come with moving to low-cost terminals, eliminating the need for expensive PC and laptop refreshes. Moreover, previously hidden savings appear from consolidating software licences and eliminating reliance on other IT providers. Simpler and less time-consuming to manage, VDI creates more space for IT to innovate.

VDI Solutions For AEC With Creative ITC

Before forming the company, Creative’s CEO and MD both held associate level global infrastructure roles for a worldwide and award-winning structural engineering and design firm. A strong affinity with the AEC sector was there from the very start.

Creative will be with you all the way on your VDI journey. That’s not only in the design, build and implement phases, but also – where appropriate – helping you build the business case based on our extensive experience of helping other customers achieve VDI success. Contact us today to discuss our range of solutions.