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Compliance and security policies have traditionally come at the expense of flexibility and modernisation. Reducing the risk of data exposure was, and still is, top of mind and a big reason why virtual desktops are deemed the solution by many finance firms. These VDI finance challenges become significantly easier to manage with VDIPOD because:

Data is removed from hard drives

A VDI session can’t be lost or stolen like a laptop. If a device goes missing, there’s no risk of compromised data. And USB drives can be locked down centrally without impacting the user.

Home workers get more done

Employees enjoy secure access to systems outside of the office through a range of devices – without IT constantly paying out for laptop and PC upgrades.

IT teams always stay in control

They have a less desktop images to manage for a larger of users. And they always stay in control through tight policy management and the ability to centrally push updates. All of which means less calls to the service desk.

Opportunities for innovation increase

Out-of-date legacy platforms restrict the adoption of new systems, degrading user experience and productivity. Those caps disappear with a platform that’s built to handle the largest financial models, data sets and applications.

Why VDI for financial services is different

Consumed on-premise or in a hybrid private cloud model, VDIPOD allows finance firms to stay secure and compliant, while making remote workers more productive and improving innovation and speed-to-market.


BUSINESS CONTINUITYWith VDIPOD a disaster no longer needs to be an IT disaster. Using virtual desktops means your BCP compliance is a simple checkbox due to the hybrid delivery of our cloud and premise capabilities.
IT TEAMSGreater control, faster provisioning and fewer calls to the service desk, reducing time spent on case management.
COMPLIANCE TEAMSMoving data off local disc drives strengthens information governance, making it easier to satisfy PCI, anti-money laundering, bribery prevention and other requirements.
DATA ANALYSTSData stays safe and never leaves the VDIPOD environment, even if an individual user’s experience becomes compromised.
ACCOUNT MANAGERSHaving records in one place with faster file retrievals helps account teams improve up and cross-selling, increase conversion rates and onboard customers sooner.





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