Backup as a service

What Is Backup As A Service?

Disaster recovery and business continuity’s critical foundation, data backup has become an artform. The days of hitching up tape drives to the backs of PCs and servers are long gone. Big data and analytics have given rise to more and more virtual machines (VMs).

Ever-increasing compliance and legal headaches are worsened by multiple vendors and technology silos. All consume time and resources that could be better used.

Our BaaS (backup as a service) is managed onsite, remotely or as a mix of both, our team of data specialists take care of everything. Protecting your most valuable customer, product, financial and employee information.

Wherever it lives. On physical servers, VMs, containers, PCs, laptops, smartphones and SaaS-based applications or cloud-based platforms.

Benefits Of Backup as a Service

Recover Quicker

With backup as a service you get the added confidence of knowing your data protection strategy adheres to latest industry best practice. These include continuous data protection (CDP) along with advanced tools running in the background, constantly validating, and checking your information’s restorable.

Enabling you to meet recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) targets for even the largest data sets. Bringing restoration times down from days to minutes with our back up services.

Spread and Predict Costs

Moving to backup as a service pays back in many ways. You don’t need to shell out on tape drives, redundant servers and other hardware and software elements. You’ll also lose the costs of backup storage media, transport of media to a remote safekeeping location, and man-hours spent managing and troubleshooting backup systems.

BaaS also offers previously hidden saving potential from consolidating software licences and eliminating reliance on other IT providers. There are no nasty surprises. Just one bill and one regular cost every month, simplifying procurement and budgeting.

Protect Better Against Data Loss

Some VMs may only need backing-up occasionally, others may need replicating daily or even hourly to a warm standby for fast failover and DR. We’ll help automate this process by setting up the right rules. Through single-pane-of-glass management and dashboard reporting, we’ll also provide an organisation-wide, real-time view of your data protection status. So, you’re always in control of systems, users and devices.

Why Use Creative ITC's Back Up Services

Backup as a service from Creative takes away those problems, providing you with a single solution and contact point for all related requirements.

Our ratio of technicians to office staff is 4:1, significantly above our peers. Each specialist holds, or is close to attaining, the very highest qualifications in their field. It’s one of the reasons why Creative is a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, involved in many of the largest IoT, cloud and digital transformations.

Managed onsite, remotely or as a mix of both, our team of data specialists will take care of everything. Protecting your most valuable customer, product, financial and employee information.

In addition to our backup as a service you’ll benefit from the highest-rated Commvault cloud storage technology. Uncompromisingly optimised for daily backups, typical retentions, and ad-hoc recoveries, it also has built-in ransomware protection with layered, air-gapped cloud security, restrictive account access and data isolation to go along with your back up services

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