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Digital transformation across the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector has accelerated over recent years as firms harness new technologies in pursuit of competitive advantage. Firms continue to invest in new technologies to facilitate mission critical tools, high data consumption and ensure the provision of strong user experience and collaboration across complex supply chains.

Creative ITC is committed to redefining the future of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. A leading cloud services provider, delivering managed services and sustainable IT solutions, our goal is to be recognised as the world’s premier AEC provider.

Many of the world’s leading AEC firms have chosen Creative as their trusted technology partner, recognising our unparalleled successful track record in the sector. Uniquely placed to support their digital transformation, we are focused on developing cloud solutions to help them to overcome industry and technology obstacles. Our purpose-built technology solutions boost business agility and efficiency and will be invaluable in and accelerating innovation across the sector.


Purpose-built for the industry, our enterprise-scale VDIPOD platform broke new ground in enabling AEC professionals worldwide to work effectively, from anywhere, on any device. Leveraging unparalleled virtualisation expertise and industry experience, VDIPOD delivers unprecedented high performance for users of specialist design and visualisation apps or working on huge datasets, enabling real-time, secure team collaboration to boost project delivery.

To drive even greater value, many clients pair VDIPOD with thin clients, improving security, user experience and IT management. Boosting sustainability, firms can extend the life of existing hardware, lowering power usage and carbon emissions, avoiding equipment refreshes and reducing environmental waste.

Hosted from environmentally-friendly data centres operating on 100% renewable energy, Creative’s Desktop-as-a-Service also boosts sustainability and ESG performance through CO₂eq reduction and increased use of renewable power. Companies using our solution typically lower power consumption by 81.7% and CO₂ emissions by up to 43%, while boosting renewable energy usage by 89%.


With increasing reliance on technology across all business areas to facilitate mission critical tools, deliver client projects and support global teams, firms leave themselves vulnerable to extreme operational, reputational and financial risk should even one link in the chain break. Increasing cyber risk, growing data sets, continued app development and infrastructure complexity are some of the factors making it harder than ever for IT teams to ensure they have all the pieces of the puzzle needed for true business resilience.

  • SECURITY AS A SERVICE (SOCaaS): We make it quick and simple for organisations of any size to deploy world-class security operations that continually guard against attacks in an efficient, sustainable way. Highly trained cybersecurity experts operate as an extension of your existing IT team, providing an immediate response to threats and applying their learnings to strengthen resilience over time.
  • BACKUP AS A SERVICE (BaaS): Overcome infrastructure and vendor complexity and technology silos with a single solution and contact point for all your backup requirements. Delivered as a fully managed service and following industry best practices with continuous data protection to ensure your valuable customer, business and employee information is safe and always restorable.
  • DR AS A SERVICE (DRaaS): With an industry-leading Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO, you’ll experience just seconds of data loss and you can guarantee that users will be back online fast. We’ll also perform regular tests with no impact on business operations nor break in replication, giving you peace of mind, you’ll always be able to fully recover, as quickly as necessary.


NVIDIA Omniverse is revolutionising the way architects, designers and engineers work thanks to its comprehensive support for Open USD, which streamlines the integration of various design tools into a single, fluid workflow.

Its core aim is to provide a more accessible, scalable and collaborative framework for digital project management and execution. In AEC, this will drive wider adoption of USD’s powerful features and help standardise 3D modelling and data exchange practices. Tailored AEC-specific features will accelerate introduction through open community forums focused on BIM integration, simulation capabilities and large-scale project data handling. These developments could greatly help sustainable building design by allowing complex, real-world simulations.

However, with any new technology or innovation, making the leap isn’t always straightforward.

It’s essential to ensure IT foundations are in place to allow the business to innovate. A common oversight is underestimating essential hardware requirements, particularly GPUs, which can lead to unexpected expense and project delays. Another often overlooked but equally critical element is assessing your network’s capability to manage the extensive data exchange required for real-time, global collaboration.

Successful adoptions also require a champion, well-versed in both technical nuances and practical applications of Omniverse, to streamline rollout, spearhead training, ease the firm through the initial learning phase, and helping their organisation realise benefits for projects.

Creative’s Collaboration as a Service offers a complete package of hardware, software and technical support to assist clients at every stage of their Omniverse journey – preparation, planning, design, implementation, operation and ongoing improvement, helping organisations to unlock full ROI and business gains.


IT teams have struggled with software modernisation due to lack of internal skills and resources, complex integration and testing and prohibitive costs. Offering a single-stop solution for updating older software to the latest languages and frameworks, Modern Application Platform (MAP) is designed to de-risk legacy system updates while stretching budgets, using advanced Kubernetes and containerisation technologies.

We set everything up and carefully manage and simplify often scary and costly cloud transitions. Companies also benefit from a simple consumption model, reducing costs and modernisation lead times and releasing internal IT resources for impactful strategic innovation projects.


High-performing hybrid workforces with Desktop as a Service, Omniverse and MAP solutions that are continuously optimised and updated for AEC unique demands. Improved sustainable business practices and ESG scorecards with Creative VDIPOD, Infrastructure as a Service and energy-efficient data centres. Reduced cyber risk and strengthened business resilience with Creative SOCaaS, DRaaS and BaaS.


When it comes to understanding the distinct challenges of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies, you couldn’t be in better hands. Creative have been benchmarking, designing, implementing, managing and optimising game-changing technology solutions in the industry for 20 years. Many of our senior team and technical specialists have vast experience working in the sector, and with 65% of clients in AEC, we have unparalleled experience of specialist industry applications, technologies and platforms.

That’s why the world’s leading AEC businesses choose Creative.

Along with the recommended AEC cloud solutions above, another key differentiator is our market-leading technical support to help clients enjoy the full benefits of their technology investments. We have unparalleled experience of specialist industry applications, technologies and platforms, so you can rest assured that our support engineers know how to handle any IT tickets that come their way.

Creative clients appreciate that we:

  • Provide expert IT support around-the-clock across the full technology stack.
  • Don’t wait on phone calls or emails – our proactive experts resolve issues, often before users even realise.
  • Are committed to continuous improvement – we’ll give you expert recommendations to help you improve your IT function over time.

Our motto is ‘good is never done’. We have consistently grown and invested in our technical support team. We recruit the best engineering talent and continually push them to advance their technical certifications to achieve the highest qualifications in their field.

We maintain the highest certifications with all our partners, who include many of the world’s leading technology providers—from established global giants through to emerging innovators. Plus, we also conform to numerous quality standards, including ISO 9001, 14001 and IEC 27001 for Information Security management. With legacy systems and business apps increasingly moving to the cloud, Creative services provide the perfect cloud-based, ITIL-ready solution, underpinned by detailed processes and the latest IT management best practices.

We believe these strengths set Creative apart from other managed service providers when it comes to understanding the tough challenges AEC companies wrestle with every day.


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