Storage management used to be straightforward. Not now. Today’s digital marketplace lives on big data and analytics, taking up ever-more space within the data centre. With interest growing in the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, keeping up with business requests for data storage is only going to get harder.

While the idea of a cloud-based solution may appear attractive, not all companies are ready to put their data in the public cloud. Equally, they don’t want to keep investing in high-spec servers or paying dedicated storage teams to battle with ever-increasing documentation and software updates.

Creative’s storage as a service believes storage shouldn’t come down to an either/or choice. You should be able to pick the best of both worlds, giving you more flexibility to choose which data and workloads to keep onsite and which are best suited to go into the cloud.

For any media – flash, hard disk, SSD, object storage, tape or cloud. You can pay per GB or TB with the option to improve disaster recovery with cloud data stored in Creative STaaS facilities.

Benefits of Storage as a Service


You’ll also benefit from fast, cost-effective scaling. Savings accrue from not having to oversize your storage domains and carry the cost of spare capacity you may not need in the future. No more ordering and waiting for new hardware to be delivered and set up. And no more worrying about products reaching end-of-life or end-of-support.

Storage as a service brings the latest storage technology to your door. You can quickly spin-up capacity, reducing lead times from days and weeks to minutes and hours. We’ll also include patch management to save you more time and money, backed with robust SLAs for maximum uptime with your STaaS.


Our storage experts will work closely with you to design and implement a pragmatic storage strategy tailored to your needs, based on a tiered ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ model.

Our storage as a service solution combines cost effective storage with fast access to essential data in the ‘cold’ tier, with premium performance and instant access only applied to the critical ‘hot’ data and applications that need it.


Faster onboarding No more ordering and waiting for new hardware to arrive. Simply adjust the service to reflect changes in data volumes and requirements. Access the latest backup technologies, spreading the cost as monthly OpEx rather than upfront capital investment.

STaaS Cloud - Why Use It?

We’ll look after your data storage just as if it was our own, adhering to proven processes and best practices like ISO 27001, the international information security standard.

Our ratio of technicians to office staff is 4:1, significantly above our peers. Each specialist holds, or is close to attaining, the very highest qualifications in their field. Our storage as a service team will ensure seamless migration with minimum impact on your business to ensure maximum uptime.

We are renowned for our consistently high quality of service, proactivity, attention to detail and fast response.  Whilst providing you with free access to ZENO, our easy-to-manage powerful analytics-based portal that allows you to track all your Creative storage as a service solution in real time.  It’s a completely free of charge, value-added extra for our customers as part of our as-a-Service packages.

That’s why Creative is a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, involved in many of the largest IoT, cloud STaaS and digital transformations. It’s also why we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

To arrange a free, no-strings consultation or a trial of storage as a service, or to find out more about integration with our range of managed services, please contact us.


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