With our expertise on hand we can help to ensure your users get the best experience possible and that they have a network that they can rely on.

Infrastructure monitoring is often handed down as another task on top of someone’s busy day job. Treat it as the full time job and specialist function it is, without busting budgets.

Many AEC companies are deploying infrastructure-as-a-service to good effect. Discover the best way to safely change your IT model from build to consume. Get our no-nonsense white paper here.

Managed onsite, remotely or as a mix of both, our team of data specialists will take care of everything. Protecting your most valuable customer, product, financial and employee information. Wherever it lives.

IT outsourcing is not just about saving money. In a recent DC Network survey, 55% of businesses said it’s enabled greater focus on core business activities and sped-up projects. Discover why more and more customers are turning to Network-as-a-Service.

Our Storage-as-a-Service provides pay-as-you-go, on-premise or cloud storage, fully managed by our industry-leading specialists. Giving you more flexibility to choose which data and workloads to keep onsite and which are best suited to go in the cloud.

Our wide industry portfolio covers everything from ultra-dependable connectivity for highspeed, low-latency trading, to increased data protection or IT compliance. We’ll tailor the solution to your specific needs and ensure minimal disruption to your business and customers. That means taking risk out of the equation.

Creative ITC’s StaaS solution offers organisations the ability to consume storage effectively, without the costly expense and efforts of tuning, upgrading and management that you get from the traditional on-premise storage systems.

Our portfolio for AEC businesses covers everything from BIM VDI for data-intensive users of Revit 4D modelling tools and CAD applications, to global IT support, collaboration and cloud security solutions.

Imagine not having to worry about retaining IT skills. Developed over years of serving FS clients in the City of London and elsewhere, our Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions offer both a fully managed or blended IT support model.

Our portfolio for finance businesses covers everything from ultra-dependable connectivity for high-speed, low-latency trading, to increased data protection or IT compliance. We’ll tailor the solution to your specific needs and ensure minimal disruption to your business and customers.

BIM VDI Cloud from Creative ITC breaks the mould, providing AEC companies with BIM Level 2 adoption now and a ready made platform for achieving BIM Level 3.

Take the headache (and risk) out of moving with our fully managed IT Relocation Service …. We’ll get you quickly up-and-running with significantly less cost and uncertainty. We work with world-class partners such as Ricoh, Dell EMC, Cisco, VMware and NetApp.

We’ll plan, design and implement the IT move as well as take the opportunity to improve the overall condition of the IT estate leading to easier management and cost savings in the long run.

Software patching plays a vital role in keeping business- es safe from cyber-crime. Its importance increases in proportion to the ever-growing surface area open to attack. That means the task becomes more complex by the day – imposing a drag on already overstretched internal IT resources.

Staying ahead in today’s cyber landscape can be tough; especially if you’ve been relying on rigid, manual processes and siloed technologies. The security products you need are easy to buy, but not necessarily easy to manage. And organisations don’t always have the internal resources or expertise.

Read our top 5 reasons why you should look to move your AWS spend to a channel partner

After years of promise, it’s finally here. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology is mature. And the underlying networking, compute and storage components are more reliable and higher performing than ever before.

Choosing Creative ensures users get an amazing VDI experience, without paying for server capacity that’s not needed. There are no nasty surprises. Just one bill and one predictable cost every month. And you can design, host and manage the solution yourself. (Or ask us to help do that for you.)

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the next evolution in business computing. But with several flavours of HCI vying for your attention today, not all are created equal.

Cisco HyperFlex is the only complete hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) available in the market today.

See our latest infographic to find out why HyperFlex is the last word in next-gen hyperconvergence.

More customers than ever are choosing our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Disaster Recovery service. If the worst happens their businesses will be up-and-running within the shortest possible window; without breaking the bank.

Download our paper to discover why old ideas, like setting up ‘ghost’ offices with expensive kit that mostly sits dormant, are being replaced by the next generation of VDI-enabled business continuity.

Managed 3G&4G bonded ADSL Service for Rapid Site Deployment

We’re  passionate about reducing support complexity on a customer’s network no matter the size! Removing the shackles from our customer’s IT operations staff by sanity checking all device support is active and assigned to the appropriate IT staff is incredibly important.    At Creative we’re experienced in the management of both local and global Cisco Services contracts for both SMB and large enterprise customers.

After years of promise, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is finally hitting the mainstream as a desktop management solution suitable for almost all mid-large organisations seeking to simplify their desktop management cost-effectively.  Read our guide to find out whether it’s right for your business.

We enable customers to leverage expertise on demand with our dedicated team of Meraki qualified engineers.  We were also one of the first UK Cisco Channel Partners to offer the Meraki Cloud Management Solution.  Find out more below.

Creative are Cisco HCS specialists, and have expertise in designing, deploying, supporting and training customers around the entire collaborative suite of products.  Unburdened by the physical limitations of on-premises solutions, Cisco WebEx Cloud is a highly available and secure
service-delivery platform with unmatched, performance, Integration flexibility and enterprise-grade security.

Creative’s Cloud Collaboration helps you get more from your Unified Communications (UC) solutions by delivering the latest collaboration functions from the cloud, all under a simple per-user-per-month service model. Cloud Collaboration offers an ideal way to upgrade from legacy systems or to expand your existing UC capabilities.

A cost effective and flexible service from Creative which protects your Riverbed investment by proactively monitoring and alerting you to any degradation of service, whilst providing
recommendations that ensure consistent optimum performance.

Working with the industry leading network monitoring provider, Solarwinds, our managed service enables us to see symptoms of network problems long before they become a problem or outage.  We’ve developed this critical service for customers needing dedicated IT monitoring resources without the headache of deploying and operating the necessary tools.

Creative Consulting is one of the few Infrastructure partners to have its own Network Operations Centre (cNOC), the cNOC includes the use of industry leading Network Management and Monitoring Systems.  These systems provide a full range of network performance and fault management services – backed by 24x7x365 support and proactive maintenance schedules.

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