File As A Service

File Collaboration Made Simple

File as a Service (FaaS) developed by Creative and powered by Panzura, revolutionises how businesses manage and access their data across global regions. This market leading cloud-based service simplifies the storage, access, and management of files, ensuring that data is always available, secure, and up-to-date.

Creative’s fully managed File-as-a-Service enables you to:

Multiply productivity

End users find it easier to manage version control and work with their data, from anywhere – regardless of bandwidth, latency, time zones or distance.

Strengthen security

The latest cached file can always be accessed, plus there’s less risk of data loss, or leaks at distributed locations through error, intrusion or disaster.

Simplify backup and disaster recovery

IT teams can remove local data backups from their busy schedules.

Lower total cost of ownership

The call on IT budgets reduces by not having to continually purchase and maintain local file servers and backup solutions.

Release your teams

With a fully managed solution, IT teams have more headroom to focus on transformational work, allowing the business to move forward

Why FaaS is the smart choice for AEC Businesses

  • Global file locking and real time metadata synchronisation
  • Full managed service
  • Utilizes Panzura’s SmartCache technology for local access performance
  • Highly secured with FIPS 140-2 certified and 256-bit military-grade encryption technology
  • Proven technology across key AEC applications, such as Revit, AutoCAD
  • Continuous, rapid updates across all sites

Key features of FaaS Include

Global Accessibility Enhanced Security Effective Recovery (Cyber) Simplified IT Operations
Users can access and work with files from any location, ensuring productivity and collaboration regardless of geographical boundaries. Files are stored with market leading security measures, reducing the risk of data loss.. Through Panzuras unique technology, data is stored, replicated and secured across all sites, protecting data for rapid recovery in the event of a cyber incident. FaaS eliminates the need for extensive on-site data management.


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