Managed onsite, remotely or as a mix of both, our team of data specialists take care of everything. Protecting your most valuable customer, product, financial and employee information. Wherever it lives. On physical servers, VMs, containers, PCs, laptops, smartphones and SaaS-based applications or cloud-based platforms.

Benefits at a glance

  • Improved speed of recovery
  • Less tape-based storage
  • Faster innovation
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Rapid scaling
  • Less time spent on mundane tasks


Pay-as-you-go, on-premise or cloud storage, fully managed by our industry-leading specialists. For any media – flash, hard disk, SSD, object storage, tape or cloud. You can pay per GB or TB with the option to improve disaster recovery with cloud data stored in Creative facilities.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ability to match storage to suit different business requirements
  • Improved security of on-premise and cloud data
  • Greater agility without the expense of hyperscalers
  • Reduced training and maintenance, releasing valuable IT resources
  • Lower server footprint plus savings through better storage utilisation
  • Increased availability with archived toolsets 


No more disruptive out-of-hours calls and laborious root cause analysis and reason-for-outage reports. Using dependency mapping, we’ll show the real impact a component failure would have on your business and user experience. So, you’re no longer managing bits of a business service – you’re managing it across all points including database, application, network, server and storage.

Benefits at a glance

  • Better visibility into risks, such as equipment at end of life or outside of support.
  • Less chance of IT outages and downtime
  • Less false positive alerts, one of the biggest time-wasters for IT Ops staff
  • Savings from staff productivity and support costs 
  • Improved IT inventory and capacity planning data
  • Smarter prioritisation of IT planning and investment decisions.


Creative Compute-as-a-Service eliminates on-premise server management, data center costs, and upfront capital expense, while also allowing IT teams to scale resources on demand. Server workloads are fully protected in our highly secure, accredited data centers and managed remotely using the market-leading VMware Cloud Director cloud service delivery platform.

Benefits at a glance

  • Less time spent managing servers
  • Faster provisioning and speed-to-market
  • Lower TCO with savings on space, cooling, heating and licensing
  • Your data and apps are always secure
  • No more waiting for server hardware
  • No more security patching
  • No more large CapEx outlays
  • Smaller server footprint


Business continuity with peace of mind you’ll always be able to fully recover, as quickly as possible.

Traditional approaches to DR struggle to adapt to the scalability, mobility and flexibility demands of virtualised and cloud-based IT infrastructures – put simply, they’re no longer fit for purpose.

Our DR-as-a-Service solution ensures full recovery of data, getting your business up-and-running within the shortest possible window. Deploying best-of-breed technologies, our DRaaS platform features an industry-leading Recovery Point Objective (RPO); in a DR incident, it offers near real-time replication, resulting in just seconds of data loss rather than hours or days.

Without significant CapEx investment or the expense of keeping a secondary DR site running around the clock, you can replace in a stroke the cost of hardware, software and resources with DRaaS offering predictable monthly expense and high burst capacity. You can also leverage VDI solutions, rather than sinking money into DR infrastructure that may never be used.

Benefits at a glance

  • Less business disruption with users quickly back online
  • Better experience and productivity for remote workers
  • Cost avoidance and lower TCO
  • Greater agility with staff relocated to temporary workspaces and/or equipped with VDI thin clients

DR Health Check

Drawn from latest IT resilience best practices, here are the all-important bases to cover when reviewing your current disaster recovery (DR) setup.

Guide to DR-as-a-Service

Our DR-as-a-Service solution ensures full recovery of data, getting your business up-and-running within the shortest possible window.


For Finance

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

A scalable infrastructure solution enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of transformative technologies

Advanced technologies – augmented and virtual reality, AI, accelerated computing, intelligent networking, robotics and more – are transforming today’s industries. However, many businesses are yet to scratch the surface of how these technologies can be successfully deployed for operational and strategic benefit.

In practice, exploring the potential of new systems like advanced AI reveals underlying problems for businesses. All too often, they lack the supportive technology infrastructure required. Obstacles to success are usually found in the data centre; attempts to manage the enormous AI processing requirements on-site can reveal an insurmountable lack of capacity. The data and processing loads overwhelm data centres, and cause network latency or even outages, leaving firms struggling to derive the actionable and timely analysis they need.

To make the most of these opportunities, organisations are increasingly turning to Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to allow them to super-quickly transform networks, storage and compute. With IaaS, they can acquire the digital foundation they need for an affordable monthly price – escaping large upfront investment and recruitment of costly IT specialists – so the business can drive for growth, lower overheads and better margins.

Benefits at a glance

  • Raising productivity by ensuring staff can always access data, applications and resources
  • Superior client experience by more closely aligning IT delivery across all service touchpoints
  • Increased protection against cybercrime and data loss, while removing audit stress and hassle
  • Eliminating the expense of owning, maintaining and refreshing IT assets
  • Allowing resources to be focused on DevOps and value-creating tasks

IaaS for AEC

Discover the impact of IaaS across the AEC sector, including best practices and use cases.

IaaS for Finance

Our IaaS solution is supporting the finance sector through turbulent times.


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