Using Virtualisation Via Desktop as a Service to Address ESG Challenges

One of the ways to address the ESG challenges outlined in our white paper is adopting virtualisation via desktop as a service.

Creative ITC has been providing customised enterprise class AEC solutions since its formation. In 2017 we took that commitment to a higher level. Back then (and still today) off-the-shelf remote working solutions weren’t ever designed for heavy graphics users handling large-scale applications like CAD, Revit, Photoshop, and InDesign. As a result, architects, engineers, project managers and construction professionals couldn’t effectively control data and exchange large files.

Leveraging deep understanding of virtualisation and how AEC applications behave, Creative built its own VDI platform, VDIPOD, entirely in-house.

Designed from the ground up, it enables tens of thousands of users globally to take their desktops with them and reach their data and apps from anywhere.

Moreover, VDIPOD offers AEC firms a path to net zero with metrics and an auditable trail that helps simplify ESG reporting. Creative ITC virtual desktops are hosted from Equinix-powered data centres and are industry leading when it comes to sustainable technology. They currently run on 95% clean and renewable energy with a firm commitment to reach 100% by 2025.

The Smart Choice for Sustainability

VDIPOD uses 81.7% less energy and runs on a combined level of 89% renewable energy

Traditional cad workstation = 0432.0
Next generation vdi kwh = 0079.2

The following table provides a detailed breakdown of how Creative Desktop-as-a-Service with VDIPOD reduces CO2eq by 43% and positively impacts the E in ESG scorecards

To bring that sharply into perspective, 60 power-hungry workstations creating 48,000kg over 12 hours is the same in CO₂eq terms as driving 146,000 miles. Now, extrapolate that analysis over a week, a month or a year.

In contrast, AEC clients deploying our VDIPOD service use 90% less energy and 89% in renewable power at source (one server supporting 60 users). That’s on a par with 100% of Creative ITC back-office operations, which have seen a 75% drop in carbon footprint per employee since switching to VDIPOD.

Traditional CAD workstations Laptops/thin clients running on VDIPOD server % greener improvement
Total power consumed 360kWh 39.6K kWh 90%
CO₂eq produced per device 800kg 350kg 56%
Total CO₂eq produced 48,000kg 21,000kg 56%
CO₂eq produced by VDI server 6,380kg
Total CO₂eq 48,000kg 27,390kg 43%
Proportion of renewable energy consumed 38% 89% 250%

Calculations based on Dell research and 60 devices used over a 12-hour period.