See why hyperconvergence is the simple answer to managing complexity

The market for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is heating up. And for good reason. HCI delivers the speed, simplicity and agility needed in today’s digital economy.

  • It slashes the time and effort it takes to deploy new business-facing IT services
  • It eliminates the pain of managing storage as data volumes continue to spiral
  • It lets you pay as go and scale as you grow

Despite the benefits, there’s often also a cost – the proliferation of solutions managed separately. This complicates infrastructure management and operations.

But with Cisco HyperFlex, you get a complete HCI system without the potential for new operational and technology silos.

Engineered on Cisco’s unified computing system (UCS), HyperFlex works seamlessly with converged systems, build-your-own platforms and third-party storage arrays. All with common management for a consistent, policy driven infrastructure.

By keeping things simple, Cisco HyperFlex lets you do what you do best – building your business.