8 reasons why you should be chomping at the bit for HCI

Cisco HyperFlex is the only complete hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) available in the market today.

It fuses compute, network, storage, virtualisation and data protection into a single platform. One that’s deployed in under an hour and managed using simple and well-known tools.

With platforms to suit small footprints, as well as capacity or compute heavy workloads, you buy only what you need to match the workload – whether that’s a single rack, blade or more.

It gives lighting fast AND consistent performance that leaves competing solutions for dust. It also features the latest HCI innovations that deliver new enterprise data protection and security features with intuitive management. All with seamless end to end support owned entirely by Cisco.

Crucially, HyperFlex is part of a complete data centre strategy, meaning you can manage many technologies with a path to software defined networking (SDN), automation, orchestration and hybrid cloud.