VDI in AEC Industries

The AEC industry’s first purpose-built VDI solution

Unmatched by any rival solution, VDIPOD was built for business continuity, workforce mobility and global collaboration in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Delivered as a fully-managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, it’s a ready-made, collaborative workspace for global teams with unprecedented capabilities.

Leveraging best-of-breed technologies, VDIPOD has proven to be effective in even the most demanding AEC industry settings, including power users working with graphics-heavy CAD applications or huge BIM datasets. VDIPOD enables AEC professionals worldwide to effectively access tools and data – on site, on the move, or at home – and work as productively as if they were in the office.

VDIPOD enables AEC businesses to boost collaboration and productivity across the entire workforce, ensuring firms can unlock ROI and competitive advantage from hybrid working. Architects, designers and engineers in different locations and time zones can now easily collaborate together on complex 3-D building models, meaning that AEC businesses can deliver critical projects faster at less risk and cost.

AEC Technological Changes

Technology changes the conversation

In the AEC sector, IT teams have long faced mounting challenges to improve collaboration in an industry that operates on ultra-low margins. The sector has unique technology challenges, with continuous evolution of apps and rendering solutions creating ever-greater demands on supporting IT infrastructure.

It’s a mounting challenge, exacerbated by industry trends such as Building Information Modelling, sustainability targets, security requirements, modular building design and robotic process automation. These go hand in hand with new and emerging technologies, including virtual and augmented reality, AI, data virtualisation and digital twinning.

Competing faster and at scale requires greater automation and interconnection between people, tools and data. With the transition to widespread hybrid working, AEC firms are searching for more sustainable, scalable technologies to improve workforce mobility and productivity. Digital transformation is the common denominator in an AEC industry that’s becoming increasingly data driven.

The Guide to Choosing VDI Solutions in AEC

Many AEC firms have discovered that off-the-shelf VDI platforms couldn’t cope with graphics-heavy apps and mammoth datasets, effectively shackling power users to their office IT set-ups.

Not all VDI solutions are built equal. When choosing a VDI solution for your AEC business, make sure you’ve got all the facts straight

Five tips to increase your chances of VDI success

Be honest about in-house skills and resources

Decide who will manage what: self-managed options like Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and on-prem VDI, or Desktop-as-a-Service. Engaging a managed service provider pays back with savings on data centre space, infrastructure, upgrades, licensing, support and headcount.

Check cost comparisons are like-for-like

Calculate five-year TCO. Expenses should include hardware refreshes, virtualisation software, additional GPU, salaries, power, rack space, out-of-hours staffing, and training costs

Build a value-driven business case

Make sure end-user productivity benefits aren’t overlooked. Gains like enhanced data security, built-in disaster recovery, faster IT provisioning, speed of access, improved version control, and time saved on rework and duplicated effort should also be included. 

Cover all deployment options

Now part of the corporate network, personal PCs and devices are being targeted by cyber criminals and data thieves. So, IT teams need the freedom to choose where VDI workloads sit – in the cloud, on-prem or hybrid – in one seamless solution.

Push for the best deal

Make sure you’ll benefit from access to the latest technologies and regular updates during your contract, rather than relying on legacy on-premise hardware or inaccessible public cloud platforms.

What are the benefits of VDI in AEC?

Why VDIPOD is the first choice for…

ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERSNo longer chained to desks and can work from anywhere with internet connection.

Better experience with bulky apps like AutoDesk Revit, Bentley microstation, Photoshop and InDesign.

Much easier to share and transfer files.

More effective version control for plans and designs.

Higher productivity, especially when working on-site or meeting with clients.

CIO'sNo more provisioning delays or CapEx spikes.

Simple commercial model charged monthly per user with profile trading options.

On-demand agility, connecting new offices and users simply by adding licences.

Data stored in one location in the cloud, reducing the risk of a breach or loss.

IT teams get more time to focus on innovation and transformational projects.

IT TEAMSSpin-up new services and desktops in minutes.

No more buying infrastructure every time user count is exceeded.

Less time spent on tasks like desktop management and software upgrades.

No need to hire and train VDI specialists to maintain service and user experience.

No need to carry spare server capacity just in case it might ever be needed.

JOINT VENTURESMuch easier to extend Common Data Environments to partner companies.

Shorter setup times, mobilising teams and getting projects up-and-running quicker.

JV staff and experts not hindered by time zones (follow-the-sun model).

High-end building information is worked on collaboratively, in real time.

Teams are able to better pool knowledge and modelling.

How to Choose the Right VDI Partner

Managing a VDI solution long-term is anything but simple. You can spend a lot of time firefighting issues with legacy infrastructure, cloud deployment and user problems. Tired of incessant resource demands, performance issues and user complaints, those in the know are turning to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) from a specialist managed service provider.

Choosing a VDI partner

Look for a supplier with a successful track record of designing and deploying secure remote working technologies in the AEC industry, one who understands virtualisation and how AEC apps and network services behave together.

Seek the help of a specialist with end-to-end expertise – from devices, connectivity and cloud to storage, security and user experience (nothing stops a VDI project in its tracks like substandard UX)

Scrutinise their tech credentials and be confident they can deploy the right solution and provide ongoing management, optimisation, and 24/7 support.

Beware of sales pitches promising savings. Before and after IT infrastructure costs can remain flat or even rise slightly. A more realistic approach is to unlock much greater value for the same outlay.

Many providers differentiate between VDI profiles for ordinary and power users. Check they also offer scalable pricing with flexible credits that can be reallocated, creating VDI burst capability when you need it.

Use Cases of VDI in AEC

Broadway Malyan – boosting user experience and productivity

Award-winning architectural practice Broadway Malyan had explored several VDI options as it looked to boost mobility and collaboration, while escaping the drain of expensive laptops and PCs. None lived up to their promise. Now, with VDIPOD, employees suffer less downtime and work more productively when sharing plans, designs and other large files. Moreover, the business was able to switch seamlessly to home working and has a sustainable solution to boost future collaboration and productivity.

I asked around and all recommended Creative as the leading experts when it came to VDI. Instead of customising an off-the-shelf product they’d gone a step further and built their own platform for heavy graphics application communities like AutoCAD and Revit BIM. VDIPOD beat the users’ previous laptop or PC setup for speed and overall experience.

Ronnie Vasconcelos, Director of IT, Broadway Malyan

Creative ITC Solutions

Delivered as a fully-managed Desktop-as-a-Service solution, VDIPOD is a headache-free remote working solution that boosts user experience, collaboration and productivity across your entire workforce, with specialist support freeing up in-house IT resources.

It is the only VDI platform on the market that can be consumed in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model in a single, seamless solution, giving IT teams the freedom to decide where VDI workloads sit.

Creative clients also benefit from one of the most scalable pricing  plans on the market. Pay per user, per month, per profile by purchasing credits you can stipulate and reallocate, providing burst scalability when needed.

Unlock greater mobility, productivity and agility

Eliminates need for large upfront platform investment, refreshes and support

Improved user experience, uptime and productivity

Faster provisioning, centrally managed updates and reduced helpdesk traffic

More time to spend on innovation and transformational IT projects

Smaller storage footprint

Built-in disaster recovery

Capacity that scales as business needs change

More agile IT platforms for growth


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