VDIPOD: What It Is and Why It’s Benefiting Businesses

Organisations throughout the UK and around the world have been forced into remote working on a scale never seen before. Sadly, many found that trying to adapt on-prem IT infrastructure to support high-performing home workers was a stretch too far.

Similarly, VPN solutions haven’t been able to replicate the experience users get in the workplace. They lose access to indispensable features and essential tools and applications, or struggle to share large data and images across the network, or both. The knock-on effect for home-based or virtual teams is frustration and downtime.

For example, remote healthcare professionals are unable to review patient scans and make accurate decisions at speed. Construction engineers and designers incur expensive project delays because they can’t simultaneously use building modelling data or update plans. And banking and investment advisors can become compromised by security and compliance vulnerabilities.

The Flexibility to Work from Anywhere

In the past, off-the-shelf VDI solutions have struggled in such settings. Creative VDIPOD is different. Users enjoy the same (as a minimum) or in some cases superior experience than they get in the workplace. That’s because our desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution was purpose built for business continuity, workforce mobility and global collaboration.

VDIPOD can be consumed in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid model. IT teams also benefit from:

  • Capacity that scales up and down as business needs change, reducing IT costs
  • Built-in disaster recovery through geographic data centre redundancy
  • Predictable OpEx payments and no more large upfront CapEx costs
  • Recurring savings for instance, on desktop refreshes, maintenance, and support

Using best-of-breed technologies including VMware Horizon VDI, Dell PowerEdge servers, Nvidia GRID graphics cards, Cisco networking and NetApp storage, VDIPOD can be trusted to deliver on its promises.

VIDPOD offers on-premises Tier 1 storage consumed per TB, however it’s also fully integrated with the market leading file caching services from Talon, Panzura and Nasuni, giving you full control over your dataset but all the advantages of a cloud solution.


Built to support 30,000 seats in the cloud (with unlimited seats in a hybrid model), VDIPOD is the only platform that can deliver on-prem and cloud services in the same solution. With over 3,000 active seats, it currently serves multiple global clients throughout India, the Middle East, Canada, the UK and Europe.

Creative’s VDIPOD is the best way to:

  • Unchain workers from their desks and workstations.
  • Cease paying for expensive desktops.
  • Eliminate provisioning delays and costly CapEx.
  • Improve access to big data and applications.
  • Lower risk of data loss and malware injection.
  • Save on PC and laptop refreshes, software licences and IT support contracts.

Keeping Financial Services Safe and Compliant

Compliance and security policies have traditionally come at the expense of flexibility and modernisation. Reducing the risk of data exposure was, and still is, top of mind and a decisive reason why many finance firms choose VDIPOD.

A VDI session can’t be lost or stolen like a laptop. If a device goes missing, there’s no risk of compromised data. And USB drives can be locked down centrally without impacting the user. Employees enjoy secure access to systems outside the office through a range of devices – without IT constantly paying out for laptop and PC upgrades.

Out-of-date legacy platforms restrict the adoption of new systems, degrading user experience and productivity. Those caps disappear with VDIPOD, which is built to handle the largest financial models, data sets and applications.

Ideal For Public and Private Healthcare Providers

VDIPOD enables 3D-rendered graphics, such as MRI scans, to be shared by radiologists and instantly viewed by experts around the world – on any device anywhere – improving emergency response and clinical decision-making.

Doctors and nurses in A&E, on the ward and working remotely always have the latest patient records at their fingertips. Clinicians can access apps like Google MRI Viewer or Siemens MRI Experience using lowcost thin clients and smartphones. Administrators spend less time hunting down patient records and information with added flexibility to complete more tasks from home.

Many Creative healthcare clients prefer to deploy VDIPOD as a secure private cloud, thereby removing sensitive data from local drives and strengthening information governance.

Why Choose Creative ITC?

Many providers claim to have the most highly qualified VDI specialists in the industry. In our case it’s true. And, unlike others, we also understand how VDI impacts the infrastructure level – avoiding hidden network, compute, storage and user issues that can often derail projects. Our ratio of technicians to office staff is 4:1, significantly above our peers. Each specialist holds, or is close to attaining, the very highest qualifications in their field. That’s why Creative is a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, involved in many of the largest cloud and digital transformations. It’s also why we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.