The Smart IT Choice to Stay Ahead in ESG

With rising environmental concerns, there’s mounting pressure on firms to provide clear evidence of the benefits of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies. Adopting VDIPOD is a practical step to accelerate ESG aims.

How VDIPOD supports ESG goals

Supporting Environmental Goals

  • Significantly lower power usage and carbon emissions than traditional PCs
  • Hosted from data centres operating on 100% clean, renewable energy with optimised power usage effectiveness
  • Supports journey to net zero, by replacing inefficient legacy IT infrastructure
  • Enables firms to consolidate data centres to reduce power consumption and emissions
  • Requires less processing power on individual machines, prolonging life and reducing electronic waste

Supporting Social Goals

  • Supports a diverse and inclusive workforce by enabling work from anywhere, any time
  • Promotes digital inclusion, ensuring all staff can access resources on any device
  • Enhances wellbeing by enabling remote working and reducing need to commute
  • Maintains business continuity and employee health where infection control is required
  • Facilitates responsible supply chain partnerships using sustainable IT infrastructure to reduce environmental impact

Supporting Governance Goals

  • Efficient use of resources tailored to meet users’ needs
  • Scalability to meet business needs providing financial value
  • Centralises data storage, access and security updates reducing risk of data loss
  • Enables secure collaboration across partnerships and JVs
  • Complies with data sovereignty and protection regulations
  • More robust disaster recovery to ensure business continuity
  • Provides firms with metrics and an audit trail to simplify ESG reporting

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