The Benefits of Building An International Remote Working Strategy

The Benefits of Building An International Remote Working Strategy

Building an international remote working strategy offers numerous advantages for organizations aiming to optimize their business and talent practices. By embracing this approach, companies can unlock a wide range of benefits.

Here are 5 key benefits of an international remote working strategy:

  • Increased access to global talent pool
  • Enhanced work-life balance for employees
  • Reduced overhead costs for office space and facilities
  • Improved productivity due to flexible working hours
  • Diverse perspectives and cross-cultural collaboration opportunities


One key advantage is the ability to tap into a diverse talent pool, transcending geographical boundaries and enabling access to a global network of skilled professionals. Additionally, implementing remote work policies fosters enhanced employee experience by empowering individuals with increased work-life flexibility, enabling them to achieve a healthier work-life balance. Furthermore, organizations can capitalize on cost savings, as remote work eliminates the need for physical office spaces and associated expenses. Embracing an international remote working strategy empowers businesses to overcome limitations imposed by location, attract top talent, and foster a more agile and resilient workforce.

The Rise Of Remote Working

With the past few years being full of transformation and changes, working in office five days a week now looks like a thing of the past for most. There are also major benefits with the flexibility working from home provides, workplaces have found that it can increase productivity.

Changing Expectations With Remote Working

When managing in person, there are well-known rules and expectations for employees, such as good time keeping, presentation and use of language in the workplace. In remote working communication can sometimes suffer making these guidelines less clear.

To keep expectations the same for remote workers, make sure you set clear rules and guidelines for their working hours at home. Such as professional language, professional backgrounds for video calls and to be responsive to communication during those hours.

Benefits Of Remote Working For Employers

Attract And Retain Talent

When you hire remotely you open opportunities to choose from the best talent pool. As you can widen your locations on the geographical front. With a larger selection of people to choose from you can find candidates with a variety of skills and experience.

Boost Workforce Diversity

With remote working you can boost the diversity of the workforce, remote working can enable those with mental and physical disabilities to work comfortably, as travelling to work can be a major challenge to some individuals. It also allows parents to take care of their children whilst working simultaneously.

Increase Employee Productivity

Despite employers being concerned about the potential lack of productivity involved in remote working, many find the opposite to be true. When employees are in a comfy environment and have less colleague distractions, their productivity increases.

Saving On Costs

Employers find they save on costs in certain areas by implementing remote work into their working schedule for employees. Rent and utilities go down as most of your team are using the electric from home, cleaning services are also decreased or cut out completely as the office stays a lot cleaner when remote work takes up part of the week.

Benefits Of Remote Working For Employees

Flexibility and Freedom

Everyone enjoys freedom. Remote employees can plan their day to suit work and home life, if they do the set hours at the right time. Having the flexibility to juggle work and life as and when needed takes the pressure off and improves work ethic. When an employer allows employees this kind of freedom it builds a stronger relationship.


In line with flexibility, location also is an important factor of what makes remote working so beneficial to employees, it cuts town travel time and costs, making work more efficient both money and time wise.

Health And Happiness

With commutes sometimes being long and stressful it isn’t the healthiest way to spend your time. Remote working gives employees the advantage of getting a longer more well rested sleep or opting for a morning walk before work. Which can significantly impact mental health and well-being.

Comfortable Environment

Being in an environment where you are free to be yourself and set up your workspace as you would like it makes for a much more productive employee. Remote workers can work in the way they personal like to without having to worry about other employees complaining if you are untidy or playing music too loud.

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