Self-Managed VDI VS DaaS: Which One Do I Need?

Many businesses have looked to virtual desktop infrastructure to boost workforce mobility and productivity. However, some IT teams have struggled to get VDI to work effectively – even when they’ve tried to overcome issues with on-premises legacy infrastructure by moving to a cloud-hosted system. Tired of incessant resource demands, performance issues and user complaints, those in the know are turning to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) from a specialist managed service provider.

What’s The Difference?

VDI in the right hands can be engineered for the most demanding of settings like super users working with graphics-heavy applications like AutoCAD, Revit and Enscape or huge BIM datasets, as well as knowledge workers with basic IT needs. The experience of a specialist MSP with a successful VDI track record in your industry will be invaluable in unlocking the full benefits for your business.


  Self-Managed VDI DaaS From Creative ITC
Business Case Poor return on investment caused by incurring hefty CapEx costs for hardware refreshes, and growing maintenance costs. Unlock greater value with savings on data centre space, infrastructure, upgrades, licensing, app deployment, salaries, training and support.
Solution Design Out-of-the-box products wrongly assume all staff have the same VDI needs and cannot overcome issues with legacy infrastructure. A purpose-built platform with best-of-breed technologies, with tailored VDI profiles right-sized for heavy-graphics users and knowledge workers.
Planning Competing IT priorities and complex projects to manage. Deep virtualisation knowhow and understanding how industry apps and networks behave to optimise performance.
User Experience Degraded by sub-standard compute or storage resources, WAN connectivity, and device problems Employees suffer less downtime, with performance identical to or better than they enjoy in the workplace and improved version control.
Technical Support Lack of in-house specialist skills and resources to implement and support long-term VDI deployment. Best in the business, highly qualified VDI specialists design, deploy, optimise and manage, including 24/7 support and proactive monitoring from our UK Operations Bridge.
Budget Poor optimisation, licencing complexity and difficult usage tracking, result in unpredictable and unplanned VDI costs. Cost-effective, predictable monthly costs, with different user profiles and flexible credits IT teams can stipulate and reallocate.
Future-Proofing New features, evolving technologies and upgrades incur additional expense. Benefit from access to the latest technologies and agility to continuously develop the platform FUTURE- further.
Scalability Incur delays and costs when trying to upgrade technologies or expand deployment. Burst capability to upgrade VDI profiles and add new users to meet fast-changing business needs.
Security and Compliance Unable to allocate VDI workloads and issues managing remote devices to meet security and regulatory compliance. VDI consumption in a private cloud, on-premise, or using a hybrid model, in one seamless solution, with centralised updates and patch management, and improved data security and built-in DR.


What Will DaaS Look Like?

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Be honest about your in-house skillsets and resources to effectively manage VDI long term. Creative’s technical services team is made up of industry-leading specialists, each of whom has or is close to achieving the highest qualifications in their field. They’ll take care of all the heavy lifting – designing, deploying, optimising and ongoing management and support.

We’ll support your team with:

  • Desktop management
  • Windows licensing
  • Access devices
  • Applications
  • Gold image creation

We’ll take care of:

  • Hardware (servers, storage, backup)
  • Software (VMware, server)
  • Facilities (datacentre, racks, power and cooling, security)
  • Support (power users VDI desktops, 24/7/365 technical support)

The Result

A headache-free remote working solution that boosts user experience, collaboration and productivity across your entire workforce, with specialist support freeing up in-house resources for innovation and transformational projects.

What Can I Expect from Creative ITC’S DaaS Solutions?

  • Improved user experience, uptime, and productivity
  • Eliminates need for large upfront platform investment and expensive refreshes, maintenance training and support
  • Faster provisioning, centrally managed updates and reduced helpdesk traffic
  • More time to spend on innovation and transformational IT projects
  • Smaller storage footprints
  • Built-in disaster recovery through geographic data centre redundancy
  • Capacity that scales up and down as business needs change
  • More agile IT platforms for growth