Monitoring as a Service: The Key Benefits for Businesses

One of the most formidable challenges with infrastructure management is lack of visibility across the full IT estate – the elusive single pane of glass.

Many organisations spend heavily on resilience, high availability, and disaster recovery, but overlook the relatively small investment that should be made in monitoring. Similarly, very few technical teams have people dedicated to the role, so it’s left as an afterthought. Or monitoring is handed down as another task on top of someone’s busy day job. That’s understandable especially when IT headcount and resources are under pressure.

Often the neglected child of IT, monitoring can also become fractured and ineffective because it involves lots of tools or, worse still, because it only covers certain elements rather than every point of infrastructure. So, that single pane of glass remains out of reach.

What Is Monitoring as a Service?

MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) is a framework that facilitates the implementation of monitoring functionalities for various other services and applications within the cloud. This is one of many cloud computing delivery models for anything as a service.

What Can Creative ITC’s MaaS Do?

  • Set up alerts flagging potential issues such as capacity, performance, and hardware health
  • Application network and infrastructure availability alerting
  • Custom alerting based on event/threshold occurrence
  • Capabilities to extend this to our 24/7 UK based support teams, filly managed incident response service with escalation to subject matter experts (CCIE and vCAP level)

Benefits of MaaS

  • Less chance of IT outages and downtime
  • Less false positive alerts, one of the biggest time wasters for IT ops staff
  • Savings from staff productivity and support costs
  • Improved IT inventory and capacity planning data
  • Smarter prioritisation of IT planning and investment decisions
  • Offers simple add-ons, including incident response and triage support from our 24/7 highly skilled support team
  • Increases IT visibility and insight into risks, such as equipment at end of life or outside warranty and support

Why Choose Creative ITC?

Our ratio of technicians to office staff is 4:1, significantly above our peers. Each specialist holds the very highest qualifications in their field. When it comes to looking after your infrastructure, they’re ideally placed to help plug skills gaps and join-up the dots. We also strongly adhere to best practice and are one of the only companies that approach monitoring from the business service perspective – rather than the individual component level.

That’s one of the reasons why Creative is a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, it’s also why we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.