Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: The Power of Support as a Service

A significant proportion of the business world has become a gig economy of independent contractors, freelancers, and other temporary workers. They’re looking to fit short-term, task-based work around their personal lives – rather than the other way round. And, like colleagues in permanent positions, they want a bigger say in when and where they work.

Yet not every company has pockets deep enough to pay for out-of-hours IT support for the odd occasions it might be needed. And not just in small and mid-sized businesses. Even large organisations must increasingly run mean and lean, leaving in-house teams with skills and knowledge gaps around the full technology stack – desktops, networking, cloud, virtual servers, storage, apps, security – the whole nine yards. And that’s before factoring in IT staff holidays and sick absence.

Why Support as a Service Will Benefit You

With UK-Based, round-the-clock IT helpdesk support always available, SUPaaS ensures that whenever a technical issue arises, experts are on-hand to assist you in every way that they can.

If your business, systems, data, and end users are UK-based it makes sense to have IT support in your own country. When the pandemic struck, we listened to our customers and onshored our Operations Bridge to the UK – improving service, quality, and compliance.

That move meant Creative clients could realise the full power of their IT investments and achieve business outcomes sooner. And it ensures the appropriate level of support under virtually any circumstances.

Is Support as a Service Cloud Based?

With legacy systems and business apps increasingly moving to the cloud, the Creative Managed UK Service Desk provides the perfect cloud-based, ITIL-ready solution, underpinned by detailed processes and the latest IT management best practices.

The offer starts with First Line support for basic troubleshooting and user requests; Second Line support for more in-depth issues requiring specialist knowledge; and Third Line support requiring subject matter experts to solve the toughest challenges. Some Creative customers take our full service, while others pick and choose support elements they need.

The Stats at Creative ITC

  • Last year 90% of all tickets were raised proactively by our own engineers.

We don’t believe technical support means waiting on phone calls or emails. That’s costly and inefficient. Our crack team of specialists acts quickly to detect, triage, and resolve performance issues before outages occur. For example, logging onto servers or checking for error messages on switches, ports, and wireless access points.

  • Creative clients sleep easy.

Having the option of our service desk team proactively monitoring and dealing with issues before they escalate to service-impacting incidents gives clients with peace of mind. It also means we both spend less time on case management and unnecessary escalations.

  • Don’t take our word for it.

When it comes to poor technical support, customers tend to vote with their feet. That’s why Creative ITC is proud to have a client retention ratio of over 98 percent. Our mantra is ‘better is never done’. We use a unique KPI tracker that measures daily performance against targets like ticketing levels, first-time fixes and customer satisfaction scores.

The Benefits of Support as a Service

  • Cost-effectively acquire out-of-hours support.
  • Lower risk of IT outages and user downtime.
  • Improve service level agreements with internal stakeholders.
  • Create savings from staff productivity and support costs.
  • Release internal resources for more strategic work.
  • Leverage data to biter prioritise IT planning and investment decisions.