Cybercrime: The Facts

How Common Is Cybercrime?

In a survey conducted by Arctic Wolf with over 500 IT and security professionals involved, these are the results.

  • 2 in 5 businesses are overwhelmed by security alerts.
  • 55% of businesses ignore cybersecurity issues to prioritise other business activity.
  • 1 in 5 businesses ignore security alerts.
  • 73% of in-house teams are unable to fend of cyberthreats.

Is Cybercrime On The Rise?

Cybercrime is undoubtedly on the rise. Criminals are increasingly exploiting employees as the weak link, with phishing and ransomware attacks on the rise and password piracy waiting in the wings. None of which is helped by the mass uptake of remote working.

It’s well known that the difference between an attack failing or succeeding largely depends on speed of action. But even when organisations invest in the latest technologies to boost threat detection and response, breaches still occur. All too often the problem is not because a tool failed to raise an alert, but because it was missed or ignored.

What Is Security as A Service? (SOCaaS)

SOCaaS is a subscription/contractual based service in which service providers utilise and implement their security features for an individual or business.

Why You Should Choose SOCaaS

Predictable Pricing

No limits placed on data collection. The more data we collect and store on your behalf, the better we are at bolstering your security posture.

Strategic Guidance

Leveraging their security expertise combined with knowledge of your environment, CSTs introduce ways to improve your posture along your security journey.

Concierge Security Team (CST)

Continuously monitoring security events enriched and analysed by the Arctic Wolf Platform, improving your overall security posture.

Benefits Of Creative ITC’s SOCaaS

  • Cost-effectively acquire cybersecurity operations expertise
  • Better protect through around-the-clock monitoring and proactive threat hunting
  • Quickly detect, respond, and recover from attacks.
  • Deliver actionable insights where you need them most.
  • Continuously improve security posture and harden defences.

Explore SOCaaS With Creative ITC

It’s time to stop adding tools and complexity and start building operations with cybersecurity experts truly empowered to lead the response.

Our Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) solution is a 24/7 managed security operations service to boost internal security and IT teams and ensure your organisation benefits from a more robust, proactive security posture.

We provide clients with an immediate response to threats and apply this learning to strengthen resilience over time.

Combining our SOCaaS solution with complementary capabilities like Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Office365 as a Service, Creative clients benefit from true resilience in an ever-evolving threat landscape.