Accelerating AEC Projects with Automation

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector continues to witness major transformation, driven by the evolution of design technology modelling. But firms mustn’t lose sight of the critical underpinning technologies required in pursuit of innovation, writes Ellie Howard.

Organisations are adopting smarter, more efficient ways of working within their specialised modelling applications, reshaping the landscape of project design and management.

The drive towards automation within these design tools is not just about keeping up with the times – it’s about redefining the core of collaboration and intelligent design. The growing complexity and scale of projects demand that AEC applications not only support but require automation capabilities. This shift is becoming more frequent as the need for collaborative and innovative workflows expands across the industry.

However, embracing automation involves more than just a desire to innovate. It relies on several critical dependencies such as performance, scalability, advanced security measures, high performing GPU, reliable computing resources and expertise. These elements are crucial for managing the tasks of editing, processing, modelling and automating designs, all while ensuring seamless collaboration among team members.

To evolve successfully requires deep understanding of both the scope and complexity of these applications, and also of the technology underpinning the VDI collaboration platform itself. This understanding leads to delivering customised environments, which require continuous diligent monitoring of the VDI technology to ensure users receive the best possible experience. Given that each application differs in its dependencies, consumption method and demands, it is crucial to assess these demands to ensure the success of every project.

So, how can you continue to meet your organisation’s growing needs, ensuring guaranteed performance and supporting automation across your CAD applications?

With extensive experience in the AEC industry and in this vital assessment phase, Creative ITC tailors our purpose built VDIPOD platform specifically to cater to these demanding requirements. Through a hosted cloud environment, it’s a fully managed and optimised solution, which ensures scalable and secure access to CAD applications for AEC organisations with diverse and growing requirements.