A Guide To: Security Operations Centre As A Service

It’s time to stop adding tools and complexity and start building operations with cybersecurity experts truly empowered to lead the response.

We provide clients with an immediate response to threats and apply this learning to strengthen resilience over time.

What Is Security Operations Centre As A Service

Our Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) solution is a 24/7 managed security operations service to boost internal security and IT teams and ensure your organisation benefits from a more robust, proactive security posture.

Using the cloud-native Arctic Wolf® Platform, highly trained security experts work as an extension of your team. The Triage Team focuses on tactical approaches to incidents as soon as they arise and collaborates with the customer until an incident is resolved.

The Concierge Security Team focuses on the strategic implications of an attack, helping the customer identify areas of improvement and strengthen security operations over the long term.

We move fast and effectively when time is a critical factor to ensure customers remain safe and protected.

Creative ITC make it fast and easy for organisations of any size to deploy world-class security operations that continually guard against attacks in an efficient and sustainable way.

It’s important to ensure that operating systems, applications, and software are up to date regularly.

Having the latest updates will help close any security gaps that attackers look to exploit in your system. Keep on auto-updates to allow your company to always have the most recent and up to date security.

Security Operations Centre As A Service Benefits

Strategic Guidance

Leveraging their security expertise combined with knowledge of your environment, CSTs

introduce ways to improve your posture along your security journey.

Broad Visibility and Coverage

Providing enhanced visibility on-premises (endpoint, network, any log source) as well as cloud (SaaS, IaaS).

Predictable Pricing

No limits placed on data collection. The more data we collect and store on your behalf, the better we are at bolstering your security posture.

Core Technology Ownership

We control our entire technology stack and roadmap – delivering functionality faster for our customers.

The Artic Wolf Platform

Processing over 200 billion events per day, driving faster threat detection, simplifying

incident response and eliminating alert fatigue.

Concierge Security® Team (CST)

Continuously monitoring security events enriched and analysed by the Arctic Wolf Platform,

improving your overall security posture.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost-effectively acquire cybersecurity operations expertise
  • Better protect through around-the-clock monitoring and proactive threat hunting
  • Quickly detect, respond, and recover from attacks
  • Deliver actionable insights where you need them most
  • Continuously improve security posture and harden defenses

Why Choose Creative ITC’s Security Operations Centre As A Service?

Creative ITC is a multi-award-winning cloud and digital transformation company.  We consistently grow and invest in our technical support organisation. Differentiated and market-leading, our ratio of engineers to office staff is 4:1, significantly above our

peers. We recruit the best talent and continually push them to advance their technical certifications.

Each specialist holds, or is close to attaining, the highest qualifications in their field. That’s why Creative is a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, involved in the largest cloud and digital transformations.

Combining our SOCaaS solution with complementary capabilities like Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Office365 as a Service, Creative clients benefit from true resilience in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Contact us today to discuss our range of solutions.