A Guide To IaaS

What Does IaaS provide?

Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is one of the main three fundamental service delivery methods for cloud computing.

It allows you to access compute, networking, storage, servers and virtualisation on the internet from a third-party provider creating an IT environment that fits your business requirements perfectly.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) from Creative means you don’t have to worry about retaining IT skills. IaaS solutions offer both a fully managed or blended IT support model. So, you can use all or part of our service to boost 24/7 coverage and out-of-hours response, for example.

IaaS Benefits

IaaS allows you to reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure as there is no longer need for you to purchase your own data centre hardware and maintain your own equipment. You hand responsibility for the maintenance of the infrastructure to the IaaS provider.

The IaaS benefits you can gain from Creative ITC include:

  • Guard against cybercrime and data loss, and take the stress and hassle out of audits
  • Scalable capacities – can meet changing demands
  • Focus resources on DevOps and value-creating tasks, rather than managing infrastructure.
  • Constant availability
  • Removes the expense of owning, maintaining, and refreshing IT assets.
  • Focus resources on DevOps and value-creating tasks, rather than managing infrastructure.
  • Raise productivity and ensure staff can always access data, applications, and resources.
  • Take expansion plans and M&A projects in your stride with a more agile IT model.

How Does IaaS work?

Our IaaS covers everything from ultra-dependable connectivity for high-speed, low-latency trading, to increased data protection or IT compliance. We’ll tailor the solution to your specific needs and ensure minimal disruption to your business and customers.

IaaS will include the management of the infrastructure but can also include other services such as IP address, network connections, load balancers, billing management, access control, backup, and replication. The users will be able to install operating systems, create storage and deploy databases workloads when they need.

Who Uses IaaS?

Yes, Hyperconverged scales better than a traditional infrastructure. It allows you to scale out or in the meet the specification of the application at hand.

Why Use Iaas With Creative ITC

We’re renowned for our fast response and our ability to take care of every detail for consistent execution to tight deadlines. Just ask our clients. Each technician holds, or is actively attaining, the very highest qualifications in their field. When it comes to designing IaaS solutions, they’re ideally placed to help bridge learning and skills gaps.

Our technicians are not afraid of getting under the bonnet, providing a complete, fact-based view of IT assets (network, security, storage, and compute) and prioritising potential risks for planning considerations.

We also specialise in strengthening security defences, making sure your patch management is bang up to date, while intercepting suspicious network traffic. We consistently grow and invest in our technical support organisation, which is truly differentiated and market leading.

Why not contact us today and explore how our solutions can benefit your business.