A Guide To DaaS

What is Daas?

DaaS stands for desktop as a service.

DaaS is a form of  virtual computing that provides users who work remotely with cloud workspaces. Using DaaS means that workers can connect to a virtual workspace that runs in the cloud.

There are two kinds of desktops that are available in DaaS these are persistent and non-persistent.

  1. Persistent desktop: This gives a user the ability to customise and save a desktop so it will look the same way each time a particular user logs on.These kinds of desktops do however require more storage and can sometimes  be more expensive than non-persistent desktops.
  2. Non-persistent desktop: These desktops are wiped each time the user logs out, making them a simple way to access a shared cloud services when needed.

Advantages of Desktop as a Service

Some of the advantages of implementing Desktop as a Service include:

  • Reduced downtime for IT support as it allows companies to provide remote IT support to their employees, reducing downtime
  • Built-in disaster recovery through geographic data centre redundancy.
  • Predictable OpEx payments and no more large upfront CapEx costs.
  • Increased device flexibility as DaaS can run on a variety of operating systems and devices
  • Recurring savings for instance, on desktop refreshes, maintenance, support.
  • Hosted data, securely backed up by Creative, lowering storage costs.
  • Easier and more secure external collaboration without the need to give network access to third parties.

How does Desktop as a Service (DaaS) work?

DaaS is a service making it possible for users to run any application on a wide range of devices. Allowing IT teams less worry about the underlying platform that the user needs.

Desktop as a Service hosts the infrastructure, network resources, and storage in the cloud, which then streams a virtual desktop to the user’s device. The user can then access the desktop’s applications and other data through a web browser or other software.

DaaS provides capabilities such as  any time, anywhere, secure access to applications with centralised management, without the need to manage the necessary hardware and software in-house.

IT teams can contract their virtual machine needs to a cloud vendor, saving upfront capital expenditure which in turn giving end users a better, more consistent experience.

Why choose Creative ITC’S DaaS?

Creative ITC’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) services has many benefits, these include increased flexibility, management made simple  and lower costs.

Businesses that aim to offer a hybrid working or remote working flexibility can use DaaS to create a digital workspace everyone can use. 

Users will have the ability to access the virtual desktop from anywhere  and their desktop will look exactly the same as when they last visited.

As the data  is stored in a remote location, it can be continuously backed up, taking the worry from the user of managing back-ups on their own.