Business Continuity: What’s your approach to disaster recovery?20240410124944

Business Continuity: What’s your approach to disaster recovery?

10 April 2024
Ensuring business resilience is rising higher up corporate agendas. While it’s a complex, high-stakes area to get right, there are some common steps a...
Omniverse Adoption20240410124415

Omniverse Adoption

10 April 2024
The entire architectural community is excited about NVIDIA Omniverse. But is your practice ready to adopt it? Here is my opinion, writes Karl Smith. W...
Deciphering the Ransomware Dilemma20240321113118

Deciphering the Ransomware Dilemma

21 March 2024
In today’s digital landscape, ransomware attacks stand as a formidable challenge, thrusting businesses into a complex decision-making process: t...
The Evolution of XaaS in the AEC Sector20240321113101

The Evolution of XaaS in the AEC Sector

21 March 2024
The growth of XaaS is testament to the transformative power of technology. Keith Ali maps the evolving journey of IT services in AEC. In the evolving ...
Impacts of OpenUSD across AEC20240309172320

Impacts of OpenUSD across AEC

9 March 2024
OpenUSD solutions are set to transform the AEC industry, but what does that mean for firms’ adoption? asks Jolyon Vernon, Creative’s Head of Enterpris...
Greater Expectations in IT Services20240309172148

Greater Expectations in IT Services

9 March 2024
“My MSP reports all SLAs are great, but my users still aren’t happy.” How do IT leaders escape the Green Hell of meaningless metrics? asks Steve McCor...
Strategic Partnerships in AEC20240309172020

Strategic Partnerships in AEC

9 March 2024
The complexities of managing IT can detract from the core mission of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms. How can organisations nav...
Addressing Storage Challenges in AEC20240309171821

Addressing Storage Challenges in AEC

9 March 2024
Managing and storing data effectively has become a critical challenge in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector. John Dawson expl...
Accelerating AEC Projects with Automation20240309171612

Accelerating AEC Projects with Automation

9 March 2024
The Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector continues to witness major transformation, driven by the evolution of design technology modellin...
Improving Collaboration in AEC20240309171434

Improving Collaboration in AEC

9 March 2024
The discussion continues in 2024 on the best way for AEC businesses to collaborate and share data. Here’s my opinion, writes Karl Smith. If your organ...