This no-nonsense guide takes you through the key points you’ll need to consider when you’re looking into investing in an effective, sustainable and scalable remote working solution that improves workforce mobility and productivity for all users, without increasing IT cost and complexity.

VDIPOD: Desktop-as-a-Service solution

A Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution purpose built for business continuity, workforce mobility and global collaboration. Don’t just allow working from anywhere – leverage it.


Collaborating with other businesses is a cornerstone requirement for any IT solution within the AEC sector. Creative’s VDIPOD offers several benefits in this area making it the perfect platform to work with your business partners, whether that be Internal Consultants, Joint Ventures or external Subject Matter Experts. While we recommend using our platform for a true collaboration experience, users can still benefit using VDIPOD while working within BIM360.

VPIPOD: Elevating the AEC industry evolution

VDIPOD empowers AEC companies and their employees through outsourcing desktop and infrastructure management to

Creative ITC, giving IT teams more time to focus on innovation and transformational projects