Creative Group is proud to sponsor the Menkes Foundation UK. This is a small charity, but very important one and having seen first hand how it impacts those affected and their families we are proud to support this worthy cause.

What is Menkes disease?

Menkes Disease (MNK), also commonly known as Menkes Syndrome, Copper Transport Disease and Steely Hair Disease, Kinky Hair Disease or Menkes Kinky Hair Syndrome is a rare X-linked recessive neuro-degenerative disorder which is caused by a mutation in the ATP7A copper transporting ATPase gene, put more simply, a disorder in the copper levels of the body, causing maldistribution of copper with very low serum copper levels and caeruoplasmin concentrations.  It is characterized by growth failure and a deterioration of the nervous system and typically begins during infancy.

About Menkes Foundation UK

The Menkes Foundation UK was formed because as a family, they have been directly affected by this rare metabolic disorder, and through this, understand the needs and challenges faced by families with children who have a life limiting illness such as Menkes.

The foundation aims to offer help, advice and support, and to help raise much needed funds to aid ongoing improvements in research and education via sponsored fundraising events and activities.

Registered Charity No: 1130455


As with most charities registered in the UK, Menkes Foundation heavily relies on funds raised through sponsored events or via donations. There are a number of ways in which you can donate to Menkes Foundation UK. Please follow one of the links below if you would like to support the charity: