Understanding the real cost of network downtime

Keeping your Network running and preventing downtimes is a vital task for every Network Administrator. Network Downtimes, whether in the form of server failure, power outages, hardware failure or inevitable “human error” are all causes of Network Downtimes and can directly impact your company’s performance and profits.

  1. Network downtimes impact all companies – regardless of size. A Gartner study suggests that the cost of Network downtime for a large organisation is around £27,000… per hour of inactivity.
  2. If your Network is down, this directly affects the productivity of your company. The bigger the company, the more employees sitting around not working, not selling, not producing.
  3. If you’re an e-commerce business, any downtimes equals massive loss of revenue and can also jeopardise future profits and your company’s reputation.
  4. Network downtimes and employee non-productivity can also result in non-compliance penalties. These penalties can increase a company’s costs and reduce profitability.

If your company isn’t prepared or doesn’t have the skills internally to quickly resolve network downtimes then you are putting your company at risk. Download our guide to better understand your Enterprise Network Monitoring requirements and how Creative and SolarWinds can deliver the performance and functionality you need, at a cost-effective price.

As a leading UK partner, Creative has built a Network Managed Service using SolarWinds technology enabling us to see symptoms of network problems long before they become a problem or outage. We’ve developed this critical service for customers needing dedicated IT monitoring resources without the headache of deploying and operating the necessary tools. We are also helping IT departments to maximise the use of their investment, as many businesses typically only using 20% of the SolarWinds monitoring capability.