Working with you
Ensuring the best cost model for your business

Many of our customers are IT strategists with a holistic 360° view. They don’t have time for deep dives into individual technology blocks. Neither do they want the burden of multiple operating manuals.

That’s where Creative ITC comes in. Our global infrastructure specialists are ideally placed to bridge any gaps. They work as an extension of your internal team with expert support for VMware, Cisco, NetApp, Dell, Riverbed, and many more.

We don’t believe managed services should be one-size-fits-all. That’s why we custom-build solutions around your requirements – from PDIOO (plan, design, implement, operate and optimise) services and break-fix maintenance to proactive network monitoring and capacity management.

And if you’re considering a move to hosted voice, virtual desktops or outsourced infrastructure-as-a-service, we’ll work with you to ensure the best cost model for your business.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) from Creative means you don’t have to worry about retaining IT skills. Developed over years of serving FS clients in the City of London and elsewhere, our IaaS solutions offer both a fully managed or blended IT support model.

So, you can use all or part of our service to boost 24/7 coverage and out-of-hours response, for example.

Networking Monitoring

Working with the industry leading network monitoring provider, Solarwinds, our managed service enables us to see symptoms of network problems long before they become a problem or outage. We’ve developed this critical service for customers needing dedicated IT monitoring resources without the headache of deploying and operating the necessary tools. It also enables IT departments to maximise the use of their investment, as many businesses typically only using 20% of the Solarwinds monitoring capability.

Whether your challenges are related to networks, servers, applications, storage or virtualization we can manage today’s dynamic IT environments whilst eliminating outages to your business.

Security as a Service

Staying ahead in today’s cyber landscape can be tough; especially if you’ve been relying on rigid, manual processes and siloed technologies. The security products you need are easy to buy, but not necessarily easy to manage. And organisations don’t always have the internal resources or expertise.

Cloud-based security offers companies a way forward without on-premise devices. But, the challenge of managing security internally still remains. Creative’s Security-as-a-Service approach is a new way to stay ahead, while also reducing burden on your IT teams. Our fully managed, cloud-based approach provides access to powerful tools and real-time threat intelligence. So, you can instantly spot, react and stop threats in their tracks. All with the comfort of being managed by a team of world class security specialist engineers.

Management as Service

Managing complex and changing networks can be a challenge. The network operations services combined with our monitoring services allows our customers to benefit from optimum network performance, increased network availability and significant cost efficiencies – while freeing up internal resource. Creative Consulting is one of the few Infrastructure partners to have its own Network Operations Centre (cNOC), the cNOC includes the use of industry leading Network Management and Monitoring Systems.

These systems provide a full range of network performance and fault management services – backed by 24x7x365 support and proactive maintenance schedules.

Managed Service for Riverbed Steelhead & Steelfusion

A cost effective and flexible service which protects your Riverbed investment by proactively monitoring and alerting you to any degradation of service, whilst providing recommendations that ensure consistent optimum performance.

By delivering real time analysis and quarterly reports we are best positioned to advise customers on how to optimise traffic based on business priorities, carry out controlled changes when business needs demand, and provide vital forecasts based on existing and future system capacity.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

After years of promise, it’s finally here. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology is mature.

And the underlying networking, compute and storage components are more reliable and higher performing than ever before.

Choosing Creative ensures users get an amazing VDI experience, without paying for server capacity that’s not needed.

There are no nasty surprises. Just one bill and one predictable cost every month. And you can design, host and manage the solution yourself. (Or ask us to help do that for you.)

Cisco SMARTnet Total Care

We’re  passionate about reducing support complexity on a customer’s network no matter the size! Removing the shackles from our customer’s IT operations staff by sanity checking all device support is active and assigned to the appropriate IT staff is incredibly important.

At Creative we’re experienced in the management of both local and global Cisco Services contracts for both SMB and large enterprise customer.

IT Relocation-as-a-Service

Take the headache (and risk) out of moving with our fully managed IT Relocation Service …. We’ll get you quickly up-and-running with significantly less cost and uncertainty. We work with world-class partners such as Ricoh, Dell EMC, Cisco, VMware and NetApp.

We’ll plan, design and implement the IT move as well as take the opportunity to improve the overall condition of the IT estate leading to easier management and cost savings in the long run.

Cloud Managed Networking

The Cisco Meraki portfolio of networking devices are centrally managed from the cloud. This feature-rich, easy-to-use cloud architecture enables customers to solve new business problems and reduce operating costs.

Creative were one of the first UK Cisco Channel Partners to offer the Meraki Cloud Management Solution following its emergence in UK and acquisition by Cisco in November 2012. This means we enable customers to leverage expertise on demand with our dedicated team of Meraki qualified engineers. Our track record includes fully supporting single endpoint customers through to enterprise and multi-site deployments.

Cisco Webex Cloud

Unburdened by the physical limitations of on-premises solutions, Cisco WebEx Cloud is a highly available and secure service-delivery platform with unmatched, performance, Integration flexibility and enterprise-grade security.

Cisco WebEx Cloud allows organisations to give users what they need to collaborate; when, where, and how they need it.

Patch Management

Software patching plays a vital role in keeping businesses safe from cyber-crime. Its importance increases in proportion to the ever-growing surface area open to attack. That means the task becomes more complex by the day – imposing a drag on already overstretched internal IT resources.  Creative Patch Management eliminates the problem. You can decide how much of the process you want to outsource as a fully managed 24/7 service.

Hosted Collaboration Suite HCS (Telephony / Unified Communications)

Creative’s Cloud Collaboration helps you get more from your Unified Communications (UC) solutions by delivering the latest collaboration functions from the cloud, all under a simple per-user-per-month service model.

Cloud Collaboration offers an ideal way to upgrade from legacy systems or to expand your existing UC capabilities.

Your workforce can collaborate more easily and work more productively without having to worry about the costs and complexity associated with managing a premises-based solution.